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China manufacturer Brass Worm Wheel near me supplier

Material: Brass
Color: Yellow
Brand name: CNBTR
Modulus: 0.5
Weight: 16g

Size of worm wheel:
Teeth Dia :11.2mm
Height: 12mm/0.47inch
Outer Diameter: 11mm/0.43inch
Hole Diameter: 4mm/0.16inch
Step Size: 9x7mm/0.35×0.27inch ( Dia x H)
Overall Size: 12x11x4mm/0.47×0.39×0.12inch( H x OD x ID)

Size of worm gear shaft:
Height: 20mm/0.79inch
Outer Diameter :9.8mm/0.39inch
Inner Diameter :3.17mm/0.12inch
Size: 20×9.8×3.17mm/0.79×0.39×0.12inch( H x OD x ID)

1.Include 1 0.5 modulus brass worm gear shaft and 1 20 teeth brass worm gear wheel.
2.The transmission structure of worm shaft is simple, compact, small volume and light weight.
3.Worm Shaft Z1=1, turn a round of worm gear teeth, can get a large transmission ratio, generally in the power transmission, the transmission ratio I=10-80, like big transmission ratio, if use with gear transmission, will need to take the multi-stage transmission.
4.High quality material selection, carefully processing create high quality product.
5.Made of brass, long time service.

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